May 21, 2013

[Giveaway] 5 full licenses for ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2013

Update: The giveaway is over, thank you all for participating. All 5 winners have been contacted via email and you can see their names in the giveaway widget below. If you want to get a free license for ZoneAlarm, you can do it via TrialPay: ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2013 free via TrialPay

Today marks the start of a new contest here at GoodLe and what better program to offer than one of the most popular internet security suites out there, ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2013. With the help of Check Point Software (the company that develops ZoneAlarm) we're able to offer 5 full licenses (1 year subscription), each with the value of $79.95. Best of all, the only thing you have to do is simply sign-up for free via the giveaway widget below and you could be one of the winners:
Each of the participants receives by default 1 entry thus a chance to win one of the licenses when the giveaway is over. However, you can increase your chances by inviting other people or doing various extra-actions (optional of course). You're encouraged to do as many as you feel doing, as long as you agree to the rules below:
  • The giveaway lasts for 7 days, starting today, May 20, 2013. Ending date will be on May 27, 2013 and the winners will be announced and emailed on May 28th.
  • There are no restrictions based on any demographic element, thus anyone can participate for free.
  • When the giveaway ends there will be a random drawing for each of the 5 licenses of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. Each participant has a number of chances to win equal to the number of entries they have.
  • Don't cheat by creating multiple accounts for the same person, I reserve the right to disqualify any users that are caught doing this. There are legal ways you can increase your chances, such as recommending this giveaway to your friends.

About ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

ZoneAlarm is one of the pioneers in the firewall security field and to date they have more than 80 million downloads. I downloaded and installed a trial and everything went smoothly, first you get an installer wrapper of only 2.3Mb, which lets you configure some of the basic installation steps (choosing for instance to enable/disable the ZoneAlarm Toolbar, enabling auto-learn mode vs maximum security mode) and ends with bringing the whole setup (around 235Mb) and finalizing the installation.
It's recommended to keep the auto-learn mode as it will configure the security options based on behavior automatically, whereas the maximum security one will ask you to manually control each application request to access the internet.

Here are some of the most important features of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite:
  • Advanced (2-way) Firewall. The firewall is what got ZoneAlarm its popularity and is still an important part of the internet security suite. It will block computer invasions based on suspicious hacker activity. It will also monitor applications installed on your computer that want to silently communicate over the internet and take action based on its configuration. Your computer will be 'invisible' online to hackers thus protected from intrusions.
  • Antivirus & Anti-spyware Engine. It will protect your computer against spyware, viruses and any other malware threats through its antivirus engine. Thus you won't have to worry about trojan horses, worms and even rootkits as they will be proactively detected and quarantined. Virus database list gets updated frequently, thus this is why the yearly subscription is important.
  • Application Control. With ZIS you get full control over external communications initiated by installed applications. It will block dangerous behaviors and unauthorized internet transmissions through its network firewall that screens all programs. By default ZoneAlarm will enable DefenseNet, a cloud-based service that detects over 50,000 new applications and threats daily and it's recommended to leave it on for better protection.
  • Web security. Whenever you browse on the Internet is when your computer is the most exposed to threats. That's why ZIS will block dangerous web sites and downloads (advanced download protection will warn if you try to download a program that was flagged as dangerous).
  • Anti-Spam. For sure dozens if not hundreds of spam messages flood your email account daily. With this internet security suite, you'll be able to have a clean inbox as ZIS will block dangerous/annoying emails in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.
  • Parental Controls. Your children might be exposed to various Internet websites that are not safe for them not to mention internet predators. You can enable parental controls to have ZIS filter and block out inappropriate websites and limit the time your children spend on the Internet.
  • Identity Protection. Your online identity is as important as your physical one, thus it's mandatory to have it protected. ZoneAlarm will monitor and safeguard your online identity. If there will be any attempts to access it without proper authorization, you'll be alerted (especially when programs try to access your credit files).
  • Online Backup. Between hardware failures, malware infections or even user errors, your important data is exposed to risk. You can reduce that risk to a minimum by backing it up remotely to online locations. ZoneAlarm offers by default 5Gb of online backup storage in the trial version through a partnership with IDrive (a leader in online backup services). If you want more storage space you can get 150Gb of storage for only $5/month.
  • Other features. ZoneAlarm has other features that make your computer safer, such as: 'do not track', an option to stop data collecting companies from tracking you online; 'Facebook privacy scan', will scan your activity on the popular social network to alert you of privacy concerns and allow you to set what others can see; 'private browsing', allows you to surf the web in full privacy (no cookies/history will be recorded).
Finally, I've found on their site a comparison between what ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite offers vs what Norton Internet Security and McAffee Internet Security do offer:

Are you currently using ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite or have done so in the past? Feel free to share with the rest of us your opinion of it.

P.S. If you're anxious on getting ZoneAlarm for free and don't feel lucky enough, there's another way you can obtain it for free via TrialPay. Simply visit this url and finalize an offer to obtain a free full license: ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite.

Apr 2, 2013

20 full licenses for EaseUS Todo Backup Home

Update: The giveaway is over, thank you all for participating. These are the 20 winners of the EaseUS Todo Home Backup licenses: Vic Limbo, Nicola De Ieso, Angel V, vinay khatri, Melissa Tippie, Mayur Sharma, Dave Vigfusson, Briareous Hex, Darko Berko, Sam Kar, Dermot Gordon, Pirej Tref, Ghosst My, jonsan sreizn, John Rohozynsky, Krzysztof Szczęk, Stuart Conover, Mod Mike, Sasa Aleks, charles jennings

Today is the start of a new contest where you get a chance to win one of the 20 free full licenses for EaseUS Todo Backup Home. A license for the program costs regularly $29, so the total value of this giveaway is $580 - no reasons why you shouldn't participate given that you only have to sign-up for the contest in the widget below, for free.

Each person that signs up via this widget gets by default a chance in winning one license. However you can increase your chances by doing other proposed additional actions (which are all optional), actions such as telling others about this giveaway. The rules remain the same as with previous giveaways:
  • Contest starts today (April 2nd, 2013) and ends next week on April 9, 2013. I would've started this giveaway on April 1st but with the amount of pranks that circled the web I doubt anyone would've sign up.
  • Anyone can participate for free, no restrictions at all, and it’s highly recommended to invite your friends too (you’ll increase your chances plus give them a great tip on how they can win a license for a backup program).
  • At the end of this contest there will be a random drawing where 20 lucky winners will each get a license for EaseUS Todo Backup Home. Each winner gets the same benefits as a regular paying customer.
  • Don’t cheat by creating multiple accounts, there are plenty of licenses for you to win by simply referring some friends.
So, what about the program? First of all, it’s important to establish how backups are important. That’s the easy part to do as you just have to play a little game. Think of the most important thing you have on your computer (for instance photos that share great memories, or important documents from your spying days) and then imagine it disappearing just like that. What would you do? If the answer to this question always ends with you doing something bad to yourself, then you need backups. As that’s the purpose of a backup, to protect what’s valuable to you, be it photos, videos, important documents - anything you consider important should be backed up.
I know online backups (“in the cloud” as they like to advertise it, “blown up” as I like to joke about their slogans) are very popular, but I for one am not confident in having my sensitive information stored online somewhere. I just recall of this horror story I read on how a Wired editor (Mat Honan) was hacked and lost precious photos/videos of his child that were stored in Apple’s Cloud. This is one of the reasons I choose to do backups to external drives. They’re cheap (very cheap) so you can just have an external device connected to your pc where backups are done on a regular basis. Every now and then I just get another external drive and so on. Things that should remain as they are forever and ever (i.e. photos) are burned to Blu-rays.
EaseUS Todo Backup Home can help you with your backups. Sure you can do backups manually by copying what you care the most, but automatically sounds better. Even better sound the features that it has, which you can see a list of below:
  • System/Image backups. You can back-up your entire operating system (an exact image of the current state of your system) without having to shutdown your system and interrupting your work.
  • Cloud backups. Data can be backed-up to a local folder (called Cloud Directory) and from there you can synchronize the folder online to either Google Drive, SkyDrive or Dropbox (you'll need to have an account with these services) to double your protection (local and online).
  • Outlook backups. You can back-up automatically Microsoft Outlook emails (even without closing it) to protect your important communications. Having your Outlook profile backed-up not only protects your emails but also your contacts/tasks/calendar too.
  • Multiple backup destinations. Your data can be backed up to external storage devices, network-attached Storage (NAS), local hard drives, USB drives, CD/DVD, remote FTP or online destinations.
  • Backup sources. You can back-up local files or folders, your entire operating system or network data (mapped network drives, network shares, ...).
  • Automatic backups. An advantage in using backup programs versus manual backups is to schedule automatic backups. At regular times depending on the hour/day/week/month a specific backup can start and run by itself letting you know if errors occur. You can even schedule backups to run when your system starts or is shutting down or on user logon/logoff.
  • Multiple backup types. By default you can do full backups (meaning everything gets backed up each time the backup is executed), differential backups (only differences from the first full backup are backed up), incremental backups (only increments of data with what's changed since the previous full, differential or incremental backup) and mirror backup (everything gets "mirrored" meaning copied one-to-one).
  • Selective file restore. From a backup you can choose to restore only a selection of files/folders, so there's no need to restore the entire backup or system image to recover only a particular file.
  • System migration. You can migrate your entire operating system from a hard-drive to another one, without needing to reinstall your system again.
  • Email notifications. After a backup runs and finishes you can receive email notifications with what happened (if it was a success or if there are warnings/errors).
  • Secure backups. The backed up data can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access.

If you've used EaseUS Todo Home Backup feel free to share your opinion with other users in the comments below. And don't forget to tell others about this giveaway! P.S. If you can't wait for the giveaway to be over there's another way you can get EaseUS Todo Backup Home for free via TrialPay.

Mar 21, 2013

Contest: 10 free licenses for Emsisoft Internet Security 2015

Update 2: Emsisoft's products are now available via TrialPay too, so you can get it for free here:

Update: The winners of the 10 licenses for Emsisoft Internet Security pack are: Peter Warezow, vinay khatri, Nikki Graxiola, Sueton Tranquil, Konstantyn Zawadzki, Nikos Nx, Lee Otaku, Firsy Lorit, usuarisson silva, Baris Yilmaz. I've sent emails with license keys to all of the winners, if you are on this list and haven't received an email yet (maybe was delivered to your spam folder) post a comment so I can resend it.

I'm organizing another contest where the prize consists of 10 free full licenses for Emsisoft Internet Security pack. This suite actually includes Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall, so basically each winner will receive 2 licenses. If you were looking to get a security package to protect your PC while surfing, now is your chance to get one for free and spare $50 (i.e. the price of a license for the entire pack).

The best part about the contest is that you don't have to do much to participate, just join via the widget provided below and you'll get one chance for the final drawing. You can increase your chances by performing additional actions, but those are optional. Here's the few rules:
  • Contest starts today (March 21, 2013) and ends next week on March 28, 2013.
  • Anyone can participate for free, no restrictions at all. Anyone except for editors of PC World and CNET, they're not allowed to participate as every freakin' giveaway they organize is for US only.
  • When the contest ends we'll draw (randomly) 10 lucky winners and each will receive registration keys for Emsisoft Internet Security pack.
  • Be honest, don't cheat.
Here's the magic widget that can get you a license for Emsisoft Internet Security (EIS):
So how well does EIS protect your computer? Here's some of the latest comparatives I've found regarding its efficiency in protecting computers:
  • VB100 award (December 2012) for Emsisoft Anti-Malware, plus the program scores very high in the VirusBulletin RAP (reactive and proactive tests), quadrant Jul 2012 - Feb 2013. It scores higher than big names such as ESET or Kaspersky, see for yourself the graphic at
  • A large Russian web portal, COMSS, did some comparative tests and Emsisoft had a 99,7% detection rate. The link to that report isn't important since the article is in Russian, but if you know the language just visit it and you'll find the article.
  • MRG Effitas, an independent UK IT security research organization, did some tests too and Emsisoft had a 0 fail rate (full article at
  • It also recently received an editor award from Cyber Defense Magazine, full article at
Conclusion is that it will do a good job in protecting your computer, it's just a matter of you being lucky enough to win a license :). The download and installation of EIS doesn't take long (and you can download it from their main site at, as mentioned initially the pack actually consists of two separate programs, so when the anti-malware finishes installing the firewall will start being installed too. What I liked about the installation is that the setup included all the necessary virus/malware signatures already, so when it finished installing there were no updates to download and install. One annoyance that I had with Kaspersky and NOD32 was just this, when the installation finished the update took forever - it's not the case with Emsisoft.

Emsisoft Antimalware (free via TrialPay) features:

  • Update and Privacy. Right when the program finishes installing and starts for the first time, you are prompted with options to opt joining the anti-malware network (this gives you online statistics) and download language packs/beta updates.
  • Security Status. This is the dashboard where you can manage the main actions of the program, scanning the pc, quarantine, view logs and change configuration. You'll see the status of various components as well as links to resources.
  • PC Scanning. This is the part of the program that does the hard work of protecting and cleaning your computer. You can do quick scans (only active programs and spyware traces are scanned for), smart scan (same as quick but also scanning windows files and programs), deep scan (the slowest one that scans everything) or a custom selection. Aside scanning files/folders, the program can scan your incoming/outgoing emails as well.
  • Quarantine. This is the place where suspicious files will be stored. These files don't represent a danger anymore while they're in quarantine, and its purpose is to allow you recovery of a file that might have been falsely marked as malware.
  • Logs. Every operation is logged and you get notifications whenever something important happens. The guard, quarantine and update operations are logged so you'll be able to see if something went wrong and correct it.
  • Guard. This is the core component of Anti-Malware, comprising of Application Rules (which of your applications are blocked by it, monitored or trusted), Behavior Blocker (you can define suspicious behaviors that you want monitored for proactive defense), Alert Settings (when a danger is detected you get notified and this is how you control those notifications), File Guard (this scans files before they are executed and before any other actions such as connecting to the internet), Surf Protection (protects you from suspicious websites when you browse the Internet) and Host Rules (rules for certain applications stored in the hosts file). This is also the prevention component and the guard components are enabled at startup.
  • Miscelaneous. The program offers other various settings, such as those for improving the performance of the scanning process, such as the possibility to use multiple processors, number of threads to start, what priority to allocate, advanced caching, setting a scan whiltelist, etc. I liked how the program protects itself from being shut down using a captcha, that's something I didn't see in any other programs.

Emsisoft Online Armor (free via TrialPay) features:

  • Firewall. The most important component of Online Armor, the firewall that doesn't let anything go out on the internet or get in from the internet without your approval. It does recognize the valid programs and whitelisted ones not to bother you anytime a program wants to get out, while giving you the choice to decide what to do with other programs.
  • Keylogger protection. Keyloggers are the worst of the malware genre, as they monitor the keystrokes you enter on various important sites (i.e. PayPal) and report back to their malefic creator to give them access to your accounts. If a virus at worst makes your computer unusable, a keylogger can leave you financially broke. That's why it's important to have anti-keylogger protection and Emsisoft Online Armor provides that too.
  • DNS-Spoofing protection. When you visit an important domain, such as your online banking website, the Web Shield component of Online Armor will make sure that the domain you're visiting is not a phishing one. It does that by doing a DNS check on the visited domain (if it's in Protected mode) to see the information is valid, but also does other verifications such as checking the data transferred through BITS (BITS stands for background intelligent transfer service, a component that uses idle bandwidth to transfer data).
  • Autoruns management. Windows has a list of programs that start automatically when your computer starts too. You can see that list by running the msconfig.exe Windows utility for basic management of those programs. However Emsisoft's integrated Autoruns Management utility does more than that, by monitoring if any unknown programs add entries in the autoruns list and showing a warning for you to check if it's a suspicious program.
If you're already an user of Emisoft's products or tried them in the past, feel free to leave a comment regarding your opinion of the programs.

Mar 1, 2013

Giveaway: 10 licenses for TweakMASTER Pro (includes DU Meter)

Update 4: All the winners received their new keys. If you haven't won a license, there's still an option to get TweakMASTER for free via TrialPay.

Update 3: There was a mixup with the license codes, so all the licenses we sent to the 10 winners will show this error message:

"Although the serial number is valid, it cannot be used with this version of TweakMASTER. Please see the following website for more information..."
Don't worry, we're working with the developer to re-issue new registration keys and we'll resend those to the winners by Tuesday, March 12th 2013 (tomorrow).

Update 2: The contest is over and we've picked the winners, so here they are (all have been contacted):

  • Alex Badanuk
  • Jessica Burke
  • Mayur Sharma
  • Vic Limbo
  • James Patan
  • Owen Vijay
  • Peter Warezow
  • Angel V
  • Krystle Robles
  • Corey Olomon

Update: Since this contest is getting close to its end date, join another giveaway where you can win 5 free special effects for FxGuru, an Android app with Hollywood effects via

Hagel Technologies, the company that develops the popular programs DU Meter, TweakMASTER and Zapeze, gave us 10 licenses for TweakMASTER Pro to organize a giveaway. Each of the winners will receive a license for TweakMASTER Pro, that includes DU Meter 5, so basically 2 programs in a single package, best of all without paying the $40 license fee. Time for some rules regarding the giveaway:
  • Just like the previous giveaway where 10 lucky users received licenses for Advanced System Optimizer, anyone can participate for free, no matter what continent you're from, country, state, region or even world. Just scroll a bit until you see the Punchtab widget and join the giveaway. Each of the 10 winners will have the same rights as a full paying customer.
  • The giveaway starts today, Friday the 1st of March, 2013 and ends on Saturday, the 9th of March, 2013.
  • No cheating (i.e. autoclickers, multiple fake accounts). You can play fair and increase your odds through the social interactions Punchtab provides.

All right, no more blabbing about this, if you want to join the giveaway simply do so via the widget below:

If you don't know what TweakMASTER Pro is all about, read along for a full description on how this program can help you squeeze the performance out of your network, every drop that's possible to get out, it will help you get it. TM Pro is a package that includes tools to optimize your connection, monitor it, preload pages, test your speed, perform DNS look-ups or get whois information, plus other internet related actions. You also get LinkFox, a program that preloads pages of your choice into Internet Explorer to load them instantly and DU Meter, their award-winning network monitoring tool.

Features explained, one-by-one:

  • Connection Optimization Wizard. A one-click utility that will automatically set the best options to get the most of your connection. Well it's one click to start the wizard, and a few more to answer a few questions about your computer, but you get the picture.
  • Advanced Optimization Settings. This is for the experts out there, it will allow you to manually tweak the hell out of your connection, TTL, MTU, TCP, SYN, ECN and all acronyms you can think of are available here (don't get me wrong, they're not invented by TweakMASTER, they're hidden in Windows somewhere). I prefer the first option, that to let the program do these settings for you.
  • DNS Accelerator. This helps speed up the loading of websites in your browser for your most visited websites. It will add the particular hostname-IP combination in your hosts file, so some antivirus programs will scream that the hosts file was changed, so just ignore their warnings, it's something you're allowing on purpose. See, everytime you request a domain off the internet it has to be resolved into an IP address, and that takes some time. With this utility that combination once saved will be kept for a week, so during that week it won't request another time its IP.
  • Connection Speed Measurement. It's in our blood to compare things (especially if you're a man) and this utility lets you test how speedy your connection is, both upload and download speed. The higher the better, of course, but it also helps you see what you gain when you optimize your connection.
  • LinkFox. This is a tool for Internet Explorer only, so to me it's not of much use (Chrome RULES). But for those that still use IE, it will preload websites of your choice, so that you'll start those faster.
  • DU Meter. One of the most powerful tools to monitor network connection utilization on desktop computers.
  • Advanced Ping & Traceroute. You can troubleshoot connection problems with this utility, by pinging other websites or do a traceroute to see for instance where a website is hosted.
  • Network Connections Viewer. Lists all your currently opened network connections, in case you suspect that a process is doing some communication without you knowing about it.
  • Clock Synchronization. You can synchronize your desktop computer clock with that of a very precise server from a list of dozen or so such services (i.e. U. S. Naval Observatory). Yayy, my clock was 8 seconds behind and now it's not anymore.
  • Connection Minder. With this utility you can schedule what applications to start only when your internet connection is available. Tools like Skype, Messenger and so on, that you don't want at startup unless you have an internet connection.
  • WhoIs Client. You can enter a domain name or an IP address to do a WHOIS and see who owns it for instance.
  • DNS Client. Detailed information about specific domain name servers.
Great tool if you're into optimizations, so don't miss this giveaway and participate now. Don't be shy, share this with your friends, as the more you share it, the more chances you'll get at winning a license. And if you don't win, there's always the possibility to get the standard edition of TweakMASTER via TrialPay.

Feb 15, 2013

Giveaway: Advanced System Optimizer (10 licenses)

Update: The giveaway is over, the chosen winners are: Lorie Sanders, Malkhaz Abuladze, Jessica Burke, Hovsep Avedissian, thtam le, Charlie Cox, Aryan Gupta, Wojtek Ostrowski, Michael Thomas, Nicola De Ieso. Congratulations to the winners, if you're one of them just send us an email to info[at]crmreports[dot]com. If you didn't win, you can still get the program for free via trialpay here: Advanced System Optimizer

Systweak has agreed to send us 10 licenses to be given away in a contest on this blog for their award-winning utility Advanced System Optimizer. Each of the 10 lucky winners will have the same rights as a regular paying customer but without having to pay $50 for a license. The rules are simple:
  • First rule: Anyone can participate, no matter what your country of residence is (a big FU to CNET and PC World and other similar sites that benefit from having international customers that click on ads, but whenever they host a giveaway it's for "US residents" only)
  • Second rule: You get 1 chance of participating by simply connecting via the Punchtab widget below (you can connect via email or facebook). You are not required to do any other additional actions, though if you do an additional action you gain 1 extra chance in winning
  • Third rule: The giveaway starts today, 16 February 2013 and ends on 24 February 2013. The winners will be announced and receive their keys on February 25, 2013
  • Fourth rule: You do not talk about this giveaway. Just kidding, of course you can talk and share this giveaway with others, in fact you'll gain extra entries by doing so.

Without boring you too much, here's the widget that you can interact with to participate in the giveaway:

So, what is Advanced System Optimizer? It's an utility, actually more of a suite of utilities that will help you optimize your system (duh!). Not only that, but ASO (don't be scared, I'm not swearing, that's how I'll abbreviate Advanced System Optimizer from now on) is the most comprehensive suite of its kind, as it includes a total of 20 distinct tools designed with a single purpose, to optimize your computer. Pretty cool if you ask me, even if some of these tools might already be provided by your system, ASO allows you to manage them all from a single place and in all cases the utility included is better than the one already provided by Windows.

Here's the plethora of tools described individually:
  • Smart PC Care. This is the one-button click solution to optimize your system, what it does is basically run the tools included in ASO sequentially. There's also the option to schedule an automatic smart pc care, to verify and optimize your system regularly.
  • Game Optimizer. This utility will allow you to play games without being disturbed by any other applications installed on your system, allotting also the maximum resources towards your game plus letting you to overwrite the default key shortcuts.
  • Driver Updater. This will scan your system for outdated drivers against an online database and update them to ensure better performance for your devices.
  • System Protector. Realtime protection against malware, spyware, trojans and other threats.
  • PC Fixer. There are some common problems with most Windows systems, and PC Fixer helps you get rid of those by, well, fixing the problem. An all-in-one troubleshooter for Windows.
  • Disk Optimizer. You can defragment your hard disk to improve performance (plus it's nice to watch those blocks getting moved from one place to another :) ).
  • Undelete. Ever happened to delete something by mistake and not being able to recover it? Well since Windows doesn't actually delete the files but just removes the placeholder that says "this bit is occupied", it's possible to recover the deleted data. That's what this utility will do, if a deleted location wasn't already occupied by another one, it will recover what was in there.
  • Secure Encryptor. You can protect your personal files by encrypting them to a format that's unreadable unless you have the encryption key (good to protect those "sensitive photos").
  • Registry Cleaner. Scans your registry and cleans the invalid entries, especially those entries that were left behind when you uninstalled a program.
  • Registry Optimizer. Aside defragmenting your hard disk you can also defragment your registry entries to improve performance.
  • System Cleaner. Not that space is an issue anymore, but from time to time it's good to clean up the junk, and this utility will simply remove the unnecessary files and folders.
  • Disk Explorer. You can see statistics about the usage of your disk drive, files and folders.
  • Uninstall Manager. You can uninstall programs using the regular Add&Remove Programs feature that comes with Windows, but ASO's utility does this better by sorting your programs into different categories, such as Largest Programs and Recently Installed so you can do it easier.
  • Memory Optimizer. You can optimize your memory by freeing up the unused but allocated memory (there are buggy programs that have memory leaks, meaning the start using the memory but forget to free it up once that memory location is not used anymore).
  • Privacy Protector. It's important to clean your internet history or other sensitive tracing information from other applications, in those cases when you don't want others to see what you've actually visited.
  • Secure Delete. Data can be permanently removed not only by marking it as safe for overwritting, but by actually going in and writing a value of 0 over and over in the same location to prevent forensic tools from detecting what was previously written there.
  • Disk Tools. Check your disk drives for errors when the computer starts up.
  • System & Security Advisor. You can fine tune your system settings to get the most out of it.
  • Duplicate Files Remover. Scans for duplicate files and allows you to remove those after verifying that you really want to do that action.
  • Startup Manager. There are annoying programs that add an entry in your startup without asking for permission. That's how Google does it, Adobe, and the more programs starting silently at startup you have, the slower the startup will be. This manager will let you choose what programs to disable from starting up.
I've been a regular user of CCleaner (crap-cleaner) for a while now, but Advanced System Optimizer made me switch. If you feel that you're unlucky I'll share another tip with you, there's another way you can get ASO for free through TrialPay, just visit the link here: Advanced System Optimizer free via TrialPay.