Oct 16, 2004

Basic SEO suggestions

These are basic SEO advices.

Advices regarding the title of page ( <Title> Tag ) :

  • it has to have the exact name of the most important keyword (the one that you're aiming at, the one that results with a recommended density, the one that is present in the daily searches list and if it is possible has low competition)

  • it doesn't have to contain stop words ( basically words like "to, at, in, on..." and there are about 700 stop-words)

  • it doesn't have to contain more than 100 characters, spaces included

Advices regarding the description (<Meta Description>) :

  • it shouldn't be more than 100 characters

  • it should contain the title of the page but not in the first 5 words

  • this description is picked by search engines and showed by some of them in the displayed results for a certain query so it is quite important because the person that makes the search sees that and could decide to enter your site based on that description(Google doesn't display this description).

Advices regarding the keywords ( <Meta Keywords> Tag ) :

  • only for the first page all the keywords will be placed

  • for each page, only keywords that sum up to 300 characters will be placed (most of the search engines ignore the keywords after that 300 character limit)

  • the title of the page (the "most important keyword") it's placed first, the other ones are placed depending on their density on that page

  • the keywords are separated by commas, they start with a capital letter and if possible in alphabetical order

  • a word can't appear more than 3 times in the phrases (it's not recommended to put keywords like this: image, image consultant, image advisor, image trainer) because it can be interpreted as spam, the word image appears too many times

  • words that don't appear on the page will not be included in the keywords list

Advices regarding the content of a page:

  • it shouldn't contain too much images

  • it should have around 400-500 words

  • every important keyword has to appear in the first 20 words of the content and in the last 10 words of the content, it has also to appear 3 times in the visible area of the content

  • the page should start with a <h1> header containing the most important keyword

  • alt-tags for images should be related to the content of the page and contain the most important keywords; all the images should have alt-tags

  • in the content of the page there should be anchor text placed for the important keywords; each important keyword has to have internal links through the anchor text at least 3 times

  • the first page does have to load the fastest, so it shouldn't contain too many images or scripts

  • it is not recommended for a page to contain javascript, flash, but if it's necessary to have it than it should load fast so a small size would be recommended

  • the pages shouldn't redirect to other pages

  • it is relevant if important keywords are bolded

Advices for URL names:

  • the URL name it's recommended to contain the most important keyword

  • if the keyword it's actually a phrase than it is recommended to use dashes "-" instead of underscore "_"(for example instead of corporate_training.htm it should be corporate - training.htm)