Sep 19, 2005

Langa List - if you don't get it, you don't get it

All that you hear about getting more traffic for your blog referrs to updating it often, put valuable content, get links from other blogs and others. I think everyone knows that. What not everyone knows is that getting published on certain websites/newsletters brings you traffic too. One of them is the Langa List. The principle is simple, you put a banner on your blog linking to the newsletter (like the one you see on the right panel, called "Get Langa") and you send the owner of the newsletter a message saying that you've loaded the code (details included below). Don't expect to be published imediatelly (unless you send a lot of traffic) but eventually you will be published. For example I've been published on the LangaList with another blog, Robo Form on Monday (March 13). What happened is that from an average of 10-15 unique visitors I got to 741 in just one day! That's for real, see the screenshot below.

Traffic sent from Langalist

So I really suggest you to place a small banner and test this for yourself. 1000 visitors in 2 days doesn't sound bad at all, given the fact that you're not doing much.

[old content]
Langa List
Fred runs the site [], publishes a free, award-winning, twice-weekly newsletter ("The LangaList," ISSN 1533-1156) and a related twice-weekly by-subscription newsletter with a combined total of over 160,000 subscribers; a widely-read series of columns and threaded-chats for a variety of other sites including InformationWeek.Com; authors and manages the very popular "BrowserTune" (selected as a USA Today "Hot Site" and which generates up to a million page views a month) and the daily "HotSpots" web site (which logs 8 million visitors a year). Fred has been active online since 1981; and has over 25 years total experience in electronic and print publishing.

This is only a small description about Fred Langa, you can read more on his biography here: Who the heck is this guy?

Beside the great articles written for InformationWeek, you can get technical advices by subscribing to his newsletter too - a full source of information delivered right in your inbox twice a week. You can subscribe for free to the standard Langa List newsletter, or for a small fee of $1/month (that's not a mistake, 50 cents/newsletter) you can subscribe to Langa List Plus edition.

I'm not sure if his newsletter has 160,000 subscribers, 1,000,000 or 2,000,000 but I know that if you get to be published in it your statistics go to the roof. I highly recommend loading the code (you place a banner on your website and send him an email) and your website will be listed sooner or later (depending on the number of subscribers you send) in the Langa List.

One short example, one of my other blogs (Word Tracker) got published in the Langa list edition (published on the 15th of September) and from 12 unique visitors/day on Wednesday, it jumped to 474 unique visitors on Thursday. That's a 3950% increase! Not to mention that visitors keep coming after that too, just take a look at this screenshot:

langa list statistic

What more can I say, this is by far the best newsletter I've been subscribed to and I'll keep recommending it forever.

Sep 8, 2005

Red Cross - Family Links Registry to find dislocated persons

This email just arrived today in my inbox, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one that received it. Seems like the Red Cross is organizing a campaign to help people affected by Hurricane Katrina to find missing persons:

This is not a solicitation for donations.
Hurricane Katrina Missing Persons Database
A resource for family members to find dislocated persons (Sept 7, 2005)

If you are concerned about the condition and/or whereabouts of someone who was impacted by the recent Hurricane, the Family Links Registry is a resource available to you from the ICRC and the Red Cross where current information may be obtained.

Family Links Registry

The Red Cross website is managed by the ICRC in close cooperation with the American Red Cross and with other National Societies working in the disaster area.


This non-commercial message is a one time Public Service Announcement.

© 2005 Thomas Townsend & Kent
645 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611

RED CROSS, RED CROSS logo, ICRC, and THOMAS, TOWNSEND AND KENT logos are trademarks and service marks owned by their respective organizations.

hurricane katrina

This is probably only one of the models of email they sent out, since on the Thomas Townsend & Kent website there is another proof of email sent using the services of VoloMP.
I think they could also restrict the right to list in certain directories.

Other links:
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Donate Now - American Red Cross
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Hurricane Katrina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sep 5, 2005

Full Free Version of BitDefender 8 Standard

I was searching on Google for free full license bitdefender and what you know, I actually found one of their promotions that gives you a full free version of BitDefender 8 Standard with live updates for 1 year.

This is very good considering that you have to pay and buy at least a 5 user pack which costs like $100/year (or less if you order clicking the banner on the left side).
Anyway, to get your free full 1 year license just visit their BitDefender Promotion for Australia section and enter your details to receive your license through email. If you have an evaluation version already installed just click on the ‘General’ button on the left-hand side of screen and click on the ‘Registration’ button. Click on ‘Enter new key’ and type in the serial number to register the program. And that's it, you have it registered.

If you don't have an evaluation version, you can download by visiting their Evaluation Versions section and choosing BitDefender Client Standard v8.

In case this promotion ends, they also have a free edition you can download directly using this link: BitDefender 8 Free Edition
To see a list with the differences between the editions they offer (BitDefender 8 SpamDeny, BitDefender Client Professional Plus v8, BitDefender Client Standard v8 and BitDefender 8 Free Edition), just click on the image below to enlarge it:

BitDefender Full Version

Sep 1, 2005

Google's new toys

Google is testing new tools to improve your search experience. One of those refers to its possibility to give you some results for more popular terms than the ones you used to search for. For instance, try searching on Google for harry potter book. See any differences? If you don't just look at in image below at the highlighted text:

harry potter book

Google added some results for "harry potter book 6", and placed these 3 results between lines (like other search engines do with their sponsored listings) and after it added more results for my original query. What happens is that Google gave me some results for what it considered to be more relevant. So it is a suggestion, just like the one you receive when you misspell a word and get the "Did you mean" line. I would have a suggestion for them too, not to place these results in the middle of the search but at the end of the first page of results, and one result would be enough. Why? Because other search engines place ads like this, so Google would only create confusion with this.

Matt Cutts (famous Googler :) ) has a very interesting post on his blog regarding a search on "to be or not to be" for the same subject.

Another feature I observed in some Google results. Try this search on book.

book query

2 things in here. First is the fact that Google automatically added some of the menus for the website (highlighted "Home - Books - Used & Out Of Print - DVD & Video" part). I've seen this for other searches too, but I'm sure it is still in a test phase.
The second thing would be a strange observation. Did you see how the book ad result for looks (highlighted on the right side)? Just a simple observation.

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