Jan 5, 2006

Print entire website with Internet Explorer

I recently had to print an entire website, with about 20 pages, and the good thing before I started visiting each page and hitting print is that I looked at the Options tab and I've seen that you can easily print an entire website from Internet Explorer.

1. After you open the website you want to print, go to File and select the Print option.
2. You have to select the printer you want to use and set the options for that before printing. For this test I used a virtual printer driver (PDF maker).

Print entire website

3. Go to the Options tab and check the "Print all linked documents" option to print all linked pages from a website. Select Print in the lower left corner and it will start printing the pages in the order it reads them.

Print all linked documents

Now, the problems that could appear.
The main problem is that there could result an infinite loop. If a page links to another page that links back to the original page, the print job might loop continuously. Also, if the file has outside links then you could end up printing external pages that are not needed.

A solution to these problems is to first use the Print table of links option (and with the Print linked documents option unchecked). With this option checked, you will print a page that contains all the linked documents in that website. You could verify which links are printed, and if everything is ok you can do the Print linked documents option.

Another caution measure is to use the Print to file option (from the general tab), that will print only "electronically" the files.

I've tested this with Internet Explorer 6 and Maxthon. I know for sure that this option is missing in Opera, and I'm not sure if FireFox has it or not.

P.S. Happy new year everybody!

Scaredy Cat posted a comment to this and recommended that if a website has JavaScript menu to use a 3rd party tool called Web PrintSmart 2.0 because the method explained above will not work. From his comment "The program allows you to browse websites and automatically add the pages you visit to a 'collection' (if you turn this option on). At any point you can then print every page in your current collection with one file > print." Good tip. HP doesn't have this program on their website, thus you can download it from here (direct download, about 4MB): HP Smart Web Printing. In case this will be unavailable, I've uploaded it to RapidShare too.