Aug 7, 2006

Free WinRAR license (v 3.51)

WinRAR is one of the best archiving utility out there (I use it exclusively, won the place on my computer from Winzip). Bad part is that's not free, the latest version (3.6) being provided as a 40 day trial.

However, because WinRAR 3.51 won the Best Overall Utility from the SIAF People's Choice Award (major award in the shareware business), they decided to have a one day free-for-all promotion. Thing was you had to register your email address for their newsletter, receive a key in your mail and register it.

Now that Sunday passed, and the promotion expired. However this doesn't mean that you cannot still register it legally. Thing is that they sent the same key to all 40,000 users that benefited from the promotion, and now that key is available for download from Simtel (one of WinRAR's partners in this).

Leaving the blurb aside, this is what you have to do to register it:
  1. Go to Simtel's download page, choose a server and download the key: WinRAR Free Key 3.51
  2. Now go to WinRAR's official site and download version 3.51:
    Note that you don't have to download the latest version, instead scroll down until you see the WinRAR 3.51 setup and download it.
    [Update]3.51 is no longer there, instead use version 3.5 from this site Old Version
  3. Install WinRAR 3.51, go to where you downloaded the key (rarkey.rar) and unpack it. You'll get a rarreg.key that you'll have to copy in Program Files-WinRAR (the installation folder for WinRAR). After that you should see Registered to "PCA Special Offer"
    WinRAR free license

That's it, enjoy you free WinRAR license.