Feb 14, 2007

Free typing test

So how fast you type? Actually, what would you consider a normal typing speed?
First of all, the typing speed is measured in words-per-minute (wpm). For a given text, the typing speed (wpm) is calculated like this:
  • first you divide the number of characters in the text to five (average word length), and you obtain the number of words in that text
  • after that, the number of words is divided by the time of the exercise (in seconds) - resulting words typed per second
  • lastly you multiply the words per second with 60 to obtain your wpm speed

A standard minimum typing speed is 40 words-per-minute. However, if you intend to go for a job as a secretary, a minimum speed of 60 words-per-minute might be needed. Now, about the typing test. There are a bunch of them out there, but I chose the one that gave me the highest typing speed result :). Jphantom is the author of this free typing test.
Once you click in the text area, you have to start typing the text that appears as fast as you can - once finished the typing speed will be displayed (ignore the Wow in front of the text, they show that to everybody):

Note that the accuracy matters too (meaning how many spelling mistakes you do). Anyway, if you're not satisfied by the result you can start improving your typing speed. Here are some tips:
  • Learn to type with 9 fingers. To do that, first position your forefingers on F (left hand) respectively J (right hand) - these keys also have small bars on them usually. Other fingers will have to be positioned to the left of that, respectively to the right. With the thumb you press the spacebar (this is why only 9 fingers, since one thumb will operate the space)
  • Learn to type without looking at your fingers. Will be difficult at first, but you'll get used to doing this if you want to type fast.
  • Practice typing a lot. Practice until you are satisfied with your speed. There are also lots of free typing tutor programs, just do a search on Google for that.