Mar 1, 2007

Wrap text as you type in Excel

Now I really understand why people say Excel has many features, but nobody knows about them. I often had to type some text in an Excel cell, and I couldn't type one line on a row (in the same cell) as if I pressed Enter it would have jumped to the same tab. That was annoying and I thought there aren't really easy solutions to do that. Until I considered pressing combinations of keys and Enter. The result, if you press Alt+Enter while typing in a cell, you'll automatically start the next line on a new row. What this shortcut actually does is enabling the "Wrap text" feature for that cell. See the images below for more visual details.

this is how the text flows if you're not using the automatically wrap feature

this is how the text flows if you're using the wrap feature (see how each line is on a different row)

How this works, you start typing in a cell, and when you want to go to a new line you press Alt+Enter.

A bonus tip for Excel: If you are beneath a cell that contains data (even a formula) if you press Ctrl+D the formula will be copied in the new cell (it's a "duplicate" feature, so instead of using copy paste you just press the combination mentioned above.