May 31, 2007

Print web page without header, footer but with background images

Have you tried printing a web page from Internet Explorer? Well if you didn't, I'll tell you what might be frustrating:

  • first of all, on the printed page you'll see an additional header added (i.e. Page 1/1) and a footer containing the URL of the printed page

  • second, if the web page contains some images that are defined as background images (a HTML thingy), those will not be printed

How to correct these annoyances:

  1. The header and footer can be removed from further printed web pages by going to File->Page Setup (we're talking about Internet Explorer 7 and Maxthon here, but might be the same for other browsers). Now, on the configuration window that opens you have to erase everything that's in the Header and Footer fields.

    Since you're still here you can do further adjustments, more important being the fact that you can reduce the margins so that the web page fits better printed.

  2. Printing the background colors and images. Well, here is a simple option that needs to be enabled. Go to Tools->Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab. Now, scroll down until you see a Printing section and check the option Print background colors and images. Click ok and that's it, from now on these background colors and images from web pages will appear on the printed results too.

  3. This is more of a tip instead of a fix. If you go to File->Print Preview you'll have a configuration window where you can set the layout of the printed page, if you want or not to shrink the web page to fit on one page, as well as turning on/off the header/footer.

See, after all, printing a web page from Internet Explorer 7 is not as annoying as it used to be.