Jul 11, 2007

Microsoft helps you find an intimate partner

I'm one of the "banner blind" web users, but while browsing the office.microsoft.com website one particular ad really made me look. You know those types of adult-targeted ads where it says "Find singles in " or "Meet singles in " and then 3-4 images with girls, their ages and the location (that matches your location based on IP tracking)? Well this was one of those ads. Course, you would expect to see this kind of ad on a website frequented by geeks (thepiratebay for instance), but is it appropriate for Microsoft.com? I mean my grandma' visit office.microsoft.com too to get updates. Naughty, naughty!

Anyway, here is an image of the ad (only the ad in the first image, whole browser captured in the second):

This ad is for Mate1.com, "The web's largest intimate dating site, with millions of members in the US and worldwide" as they describe it. I don't think it's a scam website give that probably Microsoft checks the background of its advertisers, but if you search for their website a Rip Off Report shows some not encouraging information about them (read here).

Anyway, I also clicked on the ad just to see how the landing page looked like, but unfortunatelly it wasn't Microsoft branded (that would have been nice). It is however a little different than their normal homepage - let's say the girl is a little more revealing:

Next time you're looking to find an "intimate partner", head on to microsoft.com and wait for the lure - at least you're contributing this way to Bill's revenue.