Feb 2, 2013

Robokill Trainer, an addictive flash game

Update (2013): Wow it's time to start playing it again. Not only they've released Robokill 2 but they've also released another followup pack called Robokill - Rescue Titan Prime. These games are also available through itunes (so you could play them on your ipod/ipad/iphone too) for those that are interested in paying the small $2.99 fee for this wonderful game these are the links:

I said I'll stay out of the flash games area for at least a week, but couldn't resist playing Robokill Trainer. Guess what, this one it's an addictive flash game for those that like classic arcade shooters, because it involves RPG elements too (you buy guns, you get experience and upgrade to the next level gaining shield/power, you buy armor/gun upgrades). The good thing about Robokill Trainer is that you can only play four missions out of a total of ten missions, and your experience level can go as high as 16. If you want to get pass the fourth mission (episode I) of Robokill, you'll have to pay a $10 fee. Ok, so how is this a good thing that it's not free for all missions? Well, because it's addictive. To play those four missions you spend a good couple of hours, and my assumption is that the more you'd go into the other missions, the more difficult it will become and you'll end up spending a lot of your precious(?) time playing a flash game. So I didn't and won't buy an upgrade.

robokill-gameplayNow, about the Robokill Trainer game. First of all, you can play it on the official Rocksolid Arcade website: Play Robokill. The idea is this, you're a mercenary robot (although when you enter a shop you're called pitiful human) that is brought with a Darkstar mercenary ship to the Titan Prime space station (somewhere around Mars) with the purpose of liberating it. The gameplay is quite nice and you'll adapt fast to it, you view the action from above and you advance through specific rooms killing robotic machines, gaining experience. Once enough experience is gathered, you advance to the next experience level that gives your Robokill character more power and shield.

After you kill each robot (or other mechanical threats such as walking mines, laser cannons or small ships) your experience bar goes up, and they randomly drop money, energy regenerators or items that you pick up and use. There are very tough to conquer rooms, and especially nagging are those rooms that have open spaces that you can fall in. Once you fall or die, you'll be teleported back to each checkpoint but you also lose money and the robots take back two rooms. The downside of all this is that you don't have a Save option, so if you find a tough to conquer room right when you're close to the objective and you die a couple of times, you're pushed back to the rooms you initially started with. So Robokill, even in the demo version, can take quite some time to play if you're not a skilled player. 

Anyway, Robokill's gameplay will captivate you if you're the type that likes a combination of old (arcade shooting style) and modern games (role-playing games).

Once you pass by a checkpoint you can use the Map button (lower-right corner, where the Inventory button is too) to teleport back to the initial room and access the shop (don't worry, from there you can teleport back to the checkpoint in the same way). With the money you pick-up by killing your enemies, you can buy advanced weapon items from the shop (light/medium/heavy guns, grenades, shotguns), shield rechargers (you put these in your Upgrades slots - 4 of them - and once you finish a room you'll get some shield energy), armor items and other miscellaneous objects (such as medipacks, explosives, ...). Buying/selling items to the shop owner is done by dragging-dropping items from your inventory to the shop inventory.


As you can see you have 4 slot items for your guns, and 4 others for Upgrades items. Anyway, Robokill is a nifty flash game that will conquer some of your time too. If you have quite some spare time you can purchase an upgrade, though as I mentioned initially I didn't want to do that as playing these free four missions took about 3 hours, so I don't want to think what would happen with 10 missions. If you're the type that cheats, there are some Robokill cheats tutorials, mainly ones that let you increase the amount of money you can get by selling an item. I use game cheats from time to time when I want to "get bored" by a game that captivated me, by cheating I lose interest in it and it's out of my system. So, you can see a Robokill cheat here: How to hack Robokill using cheat engine. This will let you increase the amount of money you get by modifying the flash source. However, this Robokill cheat assumes that you have some knowledge of the cheat engine software, a part cheating/part debugging game tool.

You can get more money if you get to mission 4 by going straight up, into the room with the 8 robots and lots of boxes, and after you kill the robots let youself fall of the edge. Then when you get back to life you come again to this room and fall again, and again, and again, this way the money will pile up in the boxes and when you decide to pick them up you'll have tons of cash. That's a good Robokill cheat but you have to get to mission 4 for that. This is how the room with the eight robots looks like:


As for a Robokill walkthrough, since I didn't find a site that has more of them, I created my own Robokill Walkthroughs for all missions:

If you have a video (or image) walkthrough for one Robokill's missions played in a different manner, post a comment and I'll pick it up. Enjoy Robokill (but not too much if you're planning of having time for other things too).