Apr 2, 2013

20 full licenses for EaseUS Todo Backup Home

Update: The giveaway is over, thank you all for participating. These are the 20 winners of the EaseUS Todo Home Backup licenses: Vic Limbo, Nicola De Ieso, Angel V, vinay khatri, Melissa Tippie, Mayur Sharma, Dave Vigfusson, Briareous Hex, Darko Berko, Sam Kar, Dermot Gordon, Pirej Tref, Ghosst My, jonsan sreizn, John Rohozynsky, Krzysztof Szczęk, Stuart Conover, Mod Mike, Sasa Aleks, charles jennings

Today is the start of a new contest where you get a chance to win one of the 20 free full licenses for EaseUS Todo Backup Home. A license for the program costs regularly $29, so the total value of this giveaway is $580 - no reasons why you shouldn't participate given that you only have to sign-up for the contest in the widget below, for free.

Each person that signs up via this widget gets by default a chance in winning one license. However you can increase your chances by doing other proposed additional actions (which are all optional), actions such as telling others about this giveaway. The rules remain the same as with previous giveaways:
  • Contest starts today (April 2nd, 2013) and ends next week on April 9, 2013. I would've started this giveaway on April 1st but with the amount of pranks that circled the web I doubt anyone would've sign up.
  • Anyone can participate for free, no restrictions at all, and it’s highly recommended to invite your friends too (you’ll increase your chances plus give them a great tip on how they can win a license for a backup program).
  • At the end of this contest there will be a random drawing where 20 lucky winners will each get a license for EaseUS Todo Backup Home. Each winner gets the same benefits as a regular paying customer.
  • Don’t cheat by creating multiple accounts, there are plenty of licenses for you to win by simply referring some friends.
So, what about the program? First of all, it’s important to establish how backups are important. That’s the easy part to do as you just have to play a little game. Think of the most important thing you have on your computer (for instance photos that share great memories, or important documents from your spying days) and then imagine it disappearing just like that. What would you do? If the answer to this question always ends with you doing something bad to yourself, then you need backups. As that’s the purpose of a backup, to protect what’s valuable to you, be it photos, videos, important documents - anything you consider important should be backed up.
I know online backups (“in the cloud” as they like to advertise it, “blown up” as I like to joke about their slogans) are very popular, but I for one am not confident in having my sensitive information stored online somewhere. I just recall of this horror story I read on how a Wired editor (Mat Honan) was hacked and lost precious photos/videos of his child that were stored in Apple’s Cloud. This is one of the reasons I choose to do backups to external drives. They’re cheap (very cheap) so you can just have an external device connected to your pc where backups are done on a regular basis. Every now and then I just get another external drive and so on. Things that should remain as they are forever and ever (i.e. photos) are burned to Blu-rays.
EaseUS Todo Backup Home can help you with your backups. Sure you can do backups manually by copying what you care the most, but automatically sounds better. Even better sound the features that it has, which you can see a list of below:
  • System/Image backups. You can back-up your entire operating system (an exact image of the current state of your system) without having to shutdown your system and interrupting your work.
  • Cloud backups. Data can be backed-up to a local folder (called Cloud Directory) and from there you can synchronize the folder online to either Google Drive, SkyDrive or Dropbox (you'll need to have an account with these services) to double your protection (local and online).
  • Outlook backups. You can back-up automatically Microsoft Outlook emails (even without closing it) to protect your important communications. Having your Outlook profile backed-up not only protects your emails but also your contacts/tasks/calendar too.
  • Multiple backup destinations. Your data can be backed up to external storage devices, network-attached Storage (NAS), local hard drives, USB drives, CD/DVD, remote FTP or online destinations.
  • Backup sources. You can back-up local files or folders, your entire operating system or network data (mapped network drives, network shares, ...).
  • Automatic backups. An advantage in using backup programs versus manual backups is to schedule automatic backups. At regular times depending on the hour/day/week/month a specific backup can start and run by itself letting you know if errors occur. You can even schedule backups to run when your system starts or is shutting down or on user logon/logoff.
  • Multiple backup types. By default you can do full backups (meaning everything gets backed up each time the backup is executed), differential backups (only differences from the first full backup are backed up), incremental backups (only increments of data with what's changed since the previous full, differential or incremental backup) and mirror backup (everything gets "mirrored" meaning copied one-to-one).
  • Selective file restore. From a backup you can choose to restore only a selection of files/folders, so there's no need to restore the entire backup or system image to recover only a particular file.
  • System migration. You can migrate your entire operating system from a hard-drive to another one, without needing to reinstall your system again.
  • Email notifications. After a backup runs and finishes you can receive email notifications with what happened (if it was a success or if there are warnings/errors).
  • Secure backups. The backed up data can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access.

If you've used EaseUS Todo Home Backup feel free to share your opinion with other users in the comments below. And don't forget to tell others about this giveaway! P.S. If you can't wait for the giveaway to be over there's another way you can get EaseUS Todo Backup Home for free via TrialPay.